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Indian Jailed in UK for fake Marriage Racket

Recently, the United Kingdom has faced several problems regarding its immigration rules and concepts which resulted into negative effects to both the people of the country and the immigrants. Certain flaws and loopholes in the immigration laws resulted in a massive entry of immigrants coming from multiple countries. As a result, the UK faced and is still facing several dilemmas and predicaments generated by the criminal behavior and tendencies of both the legal and legal immigrants.

There are immigrants in the UK who work illegally within the metropolis. Some of them do not pay taxes, abuse the care provided to them by the government, and harm the indigenous people either by robbery, treachery, or other wrongdoings. Recently, an Indian man was arrested and sentenced to jail by the British Court for four years and five months due to carrying out illegal operations by faking documents regarding marriage.

According to the Daily Record reports on Friday, the man named Harpal Singh and who is 51 years old admitted to the Cardiff Crown Court in Wales that he and his three other companions are arranging fake marriages throughout Britain. Harpal Singh was arrested last year due to faking documents of marriage and consequently, he was sentenced for four years and 5 months in jail together with the recommendation for deportation.

He also admitted that he required a payment of 5,000 pounds in exchange for arranging fake marriage documents to all women of Czech and students from Asia who are primarily from Nepal, Pakistan, and India. Furthermore, those who ask for his help are mostly men whose visas are expired or will nearly expire.

Unfortunately for him, he was caught at the Registry Office of Cardiff last May for trying to arrange his fake marriage. He was caught when the officers and staffs from the said office saw some flaws and loopholes from his divorce documents. Furthermore, a bag containing some identity cards and marriage packs which are told for fraudulent weddings were recovered from him.

The suspect, Harpal Singh, arrived at Britain in 2006 with a 6-month visa along with his three children and wife. He tried to apply for immigration two times but he failed to receive an approval.

Some of his clients and customers were also arrested and received less severe punishments due to working with him for producing fraudulent documents. One of them is Romana Nistrova, a 23 year old woman from Birmingham, who agreed to have a false wedding, was suspended for a year and required to carry out some community services. Other ones were Haider Ali and Awais Ahmen, both 23 years old from Surrey and London, who paid for fraudulent marriage documents, were jailed for a year but were freed due to the time they spent on remand.

The actions committed y Harpal Singh was considered by the authorities as a strong violation to their immigration rules and their systems for marriage. They also added that Singh has preyed on to women undergoing some problems and that his actions only made those problems worse.


British Illegal Immigrants

Immigration has been a big problem in the Britain, especially in the United Kingdom, because of the massive numbers of immigrants entering their country. These immigrants are not only problems in streets as beggars or in workplaces as degraders but some of them turn into criminals for they have no source of money to earn a living. However, immigrants from other countries are not the only problem of Britain because they themselves as immigrants are also a problem of other countries.

The problem with British people is that when illegal immigrants come into their minds, they do not think of themselves as those people. However according to the Australian Immigration department, out of the 51,000 people who had their visas overstayed in June 2004, 5,500 or roughly 10.7 percent of them were from the United Kingdom.

According to Conor McCormick, a Briton who has experienced the same dilemma, there is a massive culture of illegal workers in Australia which is being carried out mostly by immigrant Britons. He said that he has enjoyed too much in Northern Ireland and for that reason, he allowed himself to overstay and continue working there. There is an instance wherein his employers asked for his visa. Surprisingly, his excuses and alibies were enough for him to stay. He also added that it is just very easy to make everyone believe in him and how he was surprised that no one questioned him at all. Ultimately, he surrendered to the police but what he experienced there was even more surprising. He told some lies and alibies again but the policemen never cared at all.

Another one is Jane, a teacher from the United Kingdom, who was forced to leave Australia due to some issues. She said that she got plentiful of jobs and businesses during her stay in Australia. She had some cash-in-hand jobs in some restaurant, fast food chains, and sandwich shop. Her employers did not know that she does not have a working visa and to her surprise, they never asked at all.

These people claim that the main reason why they overstay in Australia is that they were having so much fun. There are a lot of paradise-like places where they could enjoy their lives. Jane said that she met numerous backpackers who also overstay and will only come home when they run out of money. She also added that the abundance of jobs is also a factor for immigrants to overstay. Although the income is not that high, it is enough to earn a living and save a little.

However, when it comes to Immigration, discrimination still plays a role. Some reports suggest that white people are more favored than less fair-skinned ones. In fact most British illegal workers are not considered as threats and are claimed as occupying only a small fraction of the total illegal workers in the country.

Similar to United Kingdom, immigration is also an issue in Australia. Furthermore, both of these countries monitor a carefully controlled system of migration. The only issue is that if the system is really well-functioning, how come serious problems are occurring?