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How do I book Life in the UK Test Online?

This article highlights and explains the procedure for Life in the UK Test Booking

Life in the UK Test BookingThe test is a computer based test but has to be taken at an approved test centre. There are Test centres all over the UK (Your Nearest Test centre can be located, after registering for an online account during Life in the UK Test Booking) and can be taken from anywhere within the UK. Knowledge of computer is must for Life in the UK test, in absence of which a training course can also be undertaken. Our Free advisory website at http://lifeuk.info/blog/ has all information to help you pass!

Life in the UK Test Booking Process

Life in the UK test can be booked online. For booking the test the primary requirement is the identification document.

Requirements for booking the Life in the UK Test

  1. A photo ID proof carrying a visible photo of yours, like a valid passport from the country of origin. It could be out of date also. OR A valid UK photo driving license, travel documents, certificate of identity or travel, any one of these documents will be sufficient.
  2. The next requirement is a debit card or a credit card to pay the fees of the test which is 50 pounds (including VAT) per test.
  3. Then you need to have an email account to register for the Life in the UK account.

Steps for Life in the UK Test Booking4 Steps

  1. The first step to online booking of the Life in the UK test is to register at https://www.lituktestbooking.co.uk/lituk-web/  for Life in the UK account which first asks for the email details with a password for the booking page.
  2. After filling up the required fields it navigates to the second page where personal details have to be filled in, which includes name, birth date and place, the identification document detail and the reason for taking the test which could be citizenship or settlement.
  3. The third and final step for registering the account is the contact details.
  4. Once the information is filled you can log in to the page and book the test by paying for it with the debit or credit card.

Life in the UK test can be taken any number of times there is no restriction. You MUST to carry the same ID proof as given at the time of booking. Once you have given the test the results are declared there only and a pass notification is awarded to the successful candidate. This pass notification is then used to complete the further formalities.

*Special requests or Needs

Life in the UK TestAny special request for taking the test should be made at the time of booking the test. This could be regarding extension of the test timing due to some medical reasons like hearing or visual impairment, etc. The special request also includes for the permission to take the test in Scottish or Welsh language if the center is in Scotland or Wales. These special requests have to be prearranged for it takes four days to do the arrangement.

VERY Important Critical information!!! Just be VERY VERY careful with these!!!!

===== Contact Address =====
Please make sure that you use address of the place where you live so that the centre you book is close to where you live.
If the test centre is far from where you are then you will not be allowed to take the test at the test centre!!!!
also you will NOT get a refund!!!.

This is the message they will show you during the life in the UK test booking
“These are the five nearest to your address. These are the only test centres you can book your test at. If you attempt to sit a test outside of your five nearest centres you will not be permitted to sit the test and will not receive a refund.”

“Contact address

You are only permitted to sit your Test at one of the 5 closest centres generated by the postcode you provide. You must provide evidence of this on the day and if you attempt to sit a Test outside of your 5 closest centres you will not be permitted to sit the Test and will not receive a refund.”

Please enter your house number and postcode below.

You must bring proof of your postcode to your test and this must match the information you entered during registration. Your proof of postcode cannot be any older than 3 months prior to the date of the test. We will not let you take your test without this proof, or if it is older than 3 months, and we will not refund your test fee.

Please take proof of address (and postcode) that is within 3 months of the day of your test. (that has your name and post code on it) to present to the test centre staff!
This can be in the form of a
1. Utility bill – gas, electricity or water bill
2. Council Tax bill
3. letter from the Home Office with your name and address on it
4. UK photocard driving licence
5. bank or credit card statement – just make sure that these are originals, not what you printed off from online banking. Best option is to visit the bank and ask them to print the statements and MOST IMPORTANTLY ask them to  stamped  the statements officially!!! if they refuse that is usually because they are not aware that they can do that, just ask to speak to the manager or the supervisor 😉

==== Personal details ===
Please note the name you provide below must be an exact match to the name contained on the document ID you present at the test centre. If your document ID includes a middle name, you must include this in the “Middle name” field or your test will be rejected and you will not receive a refund.

=== If your passport has both and Identity number and Passport number ====
If your passport has only the passport number just use that, but
If the passport has both the Identity number and Passport number then lease use your Passport number and NOT the Identity number!

If you have any other questions, about Life in the UK Test Booking please

  1. Read Life in the UK Test-FAQ
  2. if that doesn’t answer your questions, get in touch via Contact Us

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