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Woman Refused Entry to Britain to Give Her Brother a Kidney

When a person needs immediate help, he or she should be immediately provided with the need especially if the situation is considerably serious else, harm or more serious problems could occur. This kind of circumstance is often seen in medical situations and health care services. For instance, Keisha Rushton, a woman migrating back to her hometown in order to save his brother’s life, was blocked and not allowed by the authority to go home due to some simple issues.

Rushton is a 40 year old woman currently working in Jamaica with her baby and left her six children, sick mother, and a brother suffering from a kidney disease from the United Kingdom. Her brother Cameron wrote to her a letter asking for her help making her responds as quickly as possible by returning home and donating her own kidney instead. However, the authorities did not allow her to go back to UK due to her work issues. According to the authorities, Rushton is working without giving any proof of her income. However, she stated that she is working only as a self-employed hairdresser making her unable to provide any proof of income.

Rushton’s brother is suffering from diabetes and due to the complication that it brings, his kidney malfunctioned. He needs immediate kidney donor to save his life. The process of finding the donor is time-consuming and a waste of money that is why they opt out for Rushton to donate her kidney instead. He also borrowed 700 pounds to fund his sister’s visa for her to be able to come home. He alone does not have enough money to fund the visa or to purchase the organ expensively from other people since he only work as a plumber.

Rushton wrote to the authorities explaining her current dilemmas and predicaments but the authorities still did not allow her complaining that her intentions are not enough and her reasons are not considerable enough. His brother again faced a serious problem when the doctors said that the medication he is taking up is now severely damaging his kidneys. Additionally, they said that if a transplant will not be carried out as soon as possible, he would need to be put into dialysis all the time to keep him alive. Currently, he treats himself three times a day by changing massive bags of fluid drugs in order to prevent renal failure.

As a result, the Spokesperson of the Home Office said that the will be considering to investigate her case. They also added that all applications for travelling back will consider any kind of immediate and urgent cases or situations especially when they are compassionate and compelling. Everything else depends on the submitted application of the individual who wants to travel back. Based on the immigration rules, there are a lot of considerations but proper and enough evidences are necessary for the individual who wants to travel immediately to be considered.

Currently, Rushton and her family are in a serious problem. She may have done something wrong making her unable to go back home. However, the authorities still has done something wrong since her case is really serious yet they did not consider her.