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How UK Law Ties Immigrant Domestic Workers to Their Abusive Employers

Slavery is the act of buying or selling someone to forcefully work. People undergoing slavery are called slaves and whose wills are held against them from time to time. Currently, slavery is seen as a widespread system during the primitive ages. However, based on investigations, evidences, testimonies, and confessions, slavery is still being stealthily carried out by certain countries.

The United Kingdom, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, is being run by an organized and well-functioning government- the Parliamentary. In spite of it, the government still cannot see flaws and holes within their system that cause surreptitious harm not only to itself, but also to the neighboring countries. Last November, numerous newspapers and tabloids caused a great revelation about the current status of domestic workers within the country. Three women reported that they have been subjected to domestic abuse from their employers. As a result, the people of the country were appalled that such wrongdoing could have been carried out unnoticed for so long in such a busy country.

Consequently, the idea of slavery in the 21st century sparked debates and arguments in England. Furthermore, supporters of the anti-slavery bill, which includes long term imprisonment for violators of anti-trafficking and forced labor, rose. Additionally, the spotlight of media is currently out of slavery cases causing its softer forms to flourish across London. Worst of all, the law allows these cases. The victims of such atrocity are domestic workers who were legally imported by their employers. However, their exploitation does not seem to be taken much care of since it is very important and necessary to the onward progress of the economy.

According to the results of the extensive investigation done by the Human Rights Watch, the exploitation of immigrant domestic workers in Britain has been backed and supported by the government. Although there is a law allowing the foreign nationals to bring their workers with them tied with rules and policies about their rights, these policies seem to reach only up until the doors of the employers.

Each year, there are about 15,000 migrant domestic workers that enter United Kingdom. However, there are a number of them who report that they are being abused by their employers, denied of their wages, and are even not allowed to go outside of their employer’s place.

The HRW also added that the immigrants suffer from very low wages or being unable to receive any at all, very long working hours without any rest, physical and mental abuse, imprisonment to home, and the confiscation of their visas. As a result, the UK authorities were shocked about the occurrence of these cases.

The UK adopts a law similar to that of the Kafala system of Saudi Arabia which have been condemned by politicians for it allows the violation of human rights of domestic workers. Furthermore, for a victim to be relieved of domestic abuse, he has to undergo several processes which he may see as an ineffective one. Ultimately, the current laws of UK are burdens to victims of domestic abuse. Instead of being a weapon for them, it becomes a weapon for the abusers.