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Less than 200 Tier 1 Visas for Exceptional Talent will be issued by the UK

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron announced in December 2013 that there will be a new way for Information Technology workers to obtained UK visas. His announcement stated that by April 2014, the exceptional talent section of the tier 1 visa will be revised to accommodate Information Technology Workers who possess exceptional talent to be eligible for application for a UK visa.

News had emerged that a limit of 200 persons will be put in place for the number Information Technology workers that are eligible to apply for a UK visa on a yearly basis. However, the possibility exists that the figure of 200 will be way less as it is enormously difficult for persons to qualify for the exceptional talent visas. It was reported that in 2011, only seven individuals qualified and received a visa under the tier 1 exceptional talent.

Sanwar Ali from workpermit.com revealed that the new amendment announced by the Prime Minister will only benefit a small portion of individuals. He bevies that this will not resolved the shortage of skilled IT workers in the IT sector in London.

Tier 2 Visa

The IT sector in London is plagued with a shortage of skilled workers for the sector. The over 100,000 firms in the sector are facing extreme difficulties to recruit the skilled workers they desire due to the restriction placed on immigration policies by the UK government.

In order for the government to help the sector, they must be less stricken on the immigration policies affecting the IT sector so it easier for IT workers.


The exceptional talent tier 1 visa accommodates about 1000 nationals to arrive in the UK annually from foreign countries. These individual possess exceptional talent and can boost the IT sector in the UK. Unlike most categories, the exceptional talent does not require that the individual must have a job offer or a sponsor before travelling to the UK. The immigrant must also be able to obtain an endorsement from a Designated Competent Body.

To date, there are just four Designated Competent Body located in the UK that can endorse immigrant. These are The Royal Academy of Engineering, Arts Council England, The Royal Society, The British Academy and The British Academy. These four institutions were responsible to endorse up to 300 applicants annually.


Tech City

A fifth Designated Competent Body was created in 2010 by the government to help the IT sector in London. This body has received some accreditation for creating some success in the sector. Up 200 individuals can be endorsed by Tech City.

A Restrictive Category

The CEO of internet security management firm Digital Shadows Alastair Paterson said in interview that the requirements for the tier one visa were a poor choice. He alluded to the fact the Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dropped out of college in reference that applicants must have a PhD.

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