Here is Tahnia’s story….

Do you have kids? A husband, a family to look after?

Have you not passed the Life in the UK test yet?

Then read this, I am still feeling really special about this challenge read until the End to find out why…..

Here is Tahnia’s story….

When Tahnia contacted me on skype ( for the first time, she had already Failed her life in the UK test very Badly!!!, her score was 12 out of 24 questions, this was a very Bad Fail! (you need to get 18 questions correct to Pass, so we had a lot of work to do :), also her Visa was expiring in a JUST 7 Days, so we just had 1 week to get her ready and Pass the Life in the UK test, she had No other option but to Pass this time). Also she had a 13 month old baby who was keeping her very busy! And a husband.

So her first question was β€œJames… how can you help me to pass?”

I said, The course you need is

Our study system will prepare you for the test in just 5 hours.

It’s only Β£55 for the full course

then Thania had a few questoins about the course… overall she had a lot of questions πŸ™‚ as you will read below….

Tahnia : so is the 5 hours at a time?or we can break it?

James : yes, you can have 5 lessons, each 1hour long (this is what we prefer) or you can have 2 hour lessons. also I had to explain that I was very busy with students.

Her next question was β€œcan you give me guarantee to pass? ‘

Yes We teach you until you Pass! no one who did the course has failed so far!

The only problem was I was so busy, with so many students wanting to Pass on their first attempt, also I had a lot of students who had failed several times before they came to us!

Also Thania was not sure whether we will be able to do what we promised, to train her in just 5 hours πŸ™‚ but more about that later ….

another pressing quesition was (in her own words) β€œare you going to help me in not to forget those information?”

Of course, we were going to help her remember everthing from the book! As we had done with 1000s of others before her.

Then came her next question… β€œIs what you teach, enough for me to Pass? The book has a lot of information!”

we were going to help her remember everthing from the book!

Thaia : James I booked my exam.. So I need to know when can I start.. My exam is on 20 th november. Thursday I just have one week. Pls help.. When and how can I start pls do let me know


I knew I had to somehow find the time to help her, she has a 13 month old kid (she did all the feeding changing etc), a family and just 7 days to Pass the test to stay in the UK!!! otherwise things would get messy for her.

Also we had to find time around the baby’s sleeping times, and when her husband was available. We really had a very difficult time finding time for her to study.

Her next quesiton … β€œdo u think in 5 days i will be ok? i read da book but i cant remember anything.thats why i failed”


sorry to hear that! but this is what happened to all who failed! They

read the official book, by the time they reach the end, they could not remember a thing πŸ™

we teach you really thoroughly using our Easy to remember tested system ( )Our study system will prepare you for the test in just 5 hours. Here are some of the people who Passed today!

She was so worried! She kept forgetting most of what she read! But we had a solution for that which is an important part of our special training!

Then Thania’s Internet connection broke down πŸ™ , but we had been there before so we had the exact solution, and we knew what to do πŸ™‚ and how to get around this issue.

Then there were problems with Thania’s laptop πŸ™

Then again, more problems with her Internet connection πŸ™‚

She wasn’t doing too well on the course, but we had an answer to that πŸ™‚ we knew exactly what we had to do to get her to Pass πŸ™‚

Then we finished training and I wished her good luck and gave her the All important, last minute, test taking advice, which has been invaluable to so many πŸ™‚

well. …. she had a few more questions ….

do u think i will pass?

do i hv to read da book?

So I reassured her that she will Pass 100% and that she does not need to read the Official book!

She was VERY WORRIED at this time …. she even mispelt my name πŸ™‚ and she was asking about chapter 6!!!!

hi jammes, sorry to bother u but i just noticed while studying that we didnt do chapter 6 at all. do u have the summeries and test? kindly help pls if u can


So I told her to relax! And that we have done the nessasary studying and also there was no Chapter 6!!! there are only 5 Chapters πŸ™‚

Even at this point She really was not sure…

Just to let u know James it’s hard for me to read the whole book becaz of the baby so m just reading what you gave me.. Is it ok??

So again I reassured her that she was fully prepared and that she should NOT read the book!

These were my last words to her β€œYou will pass, πŸ™‚ just take your own time, read the questions carefully and then answer slowly”

And Finally my dear readers this was the result!!!!

tahnia: James I passes!!!!

tahnia: *passed

tahnia: How can I thnk u?

tahnia: Thnx a lot

James Hall (Life in the UK Test): CONGRATULATIONS!!!

tahnia: Thnx

James Hall (Life in the UK Test): NO PROBLEM πŸ™‚ I am so happy for you!

tahnia: M so happy

tahnia: U helped a mum whoz always bz wth baby <—–”Maybe this is why it’s so SPECIAL”

tahnia: Thnx a lot

James Hall (Life in the UK Test): My pleasure πŸ™‚

Best regards,

James Hall

P.S. So in summary we have the skills the Experience, the knowledge and the ability to help anyone Pass the Life in the UK test πŸ™‚Β  Our impressive results are at