The Cost of Immigration and Red Tape in the UK

The arrival costs in the UK having the required visa and entry clearance to work varies from the country of each migrant. Migrants outside the EU or Switzerland are faced with the red tape which can be very tiring and a complicating process. It becomes even worst if family members are involved and this can seem like a burden. The best advisable approach to the situation of coming to work in the UK if you are not from the EU is to get legal consultation form an immigration firm which might prevent you getting caught up in red tape.

Citizens from the EU, EEA and Switzerland can travel to the UK and stay indefinitely without the need of a visa or getting permission from the government. This privilege carries the right to employment without the need of a work permit from the UK Border Agency. Spouses and other family members of these nationals can travel to the UK without permission as well albeit they are legal EU, EEA or Switzerland citizens. This bears no costs in comparison to migrants outside wanting to travel and work in the UK.

Tier One Visa

Dependents of migrants who are outside EU, EEA or Switzerland will need to obtain a family permit in order to travel to the UK whether they are legal or civil partners. Due to the points based system implemented by the UK Border Agency, visa cost varies for countries outside. A Tier one visa applicant would incur £800 if they are applying outside the UK while applying by post in the UK would cost £1000 and £1300 if the application is made in person.

Tier Two Visa

Tier two visas have several categories of workers included. If the application is done inside the UK for the general category such as skilled workers by post the cost would be £550 while in person it would be £850. Applications completed outside the UK costs £400. If the applicant is considering applying for family members then the costs would be £275, £425 and £400 for application by post in the UK, in person and outside respectively. Croatian nationals along with Turkish nationals and citizens from Macedonia all get reduced priced visas.



Tier Four Visa General


Tier four category visas are cheaper that tier one and tier two and includes student visas. If a person is making an application for a tier four visa in the UK by post the costs will be £386 and £702 in person while applications outside the UK would costs £255 to the applicant. The costs for each member of the applicant’s family are £193, £351 and £255 respectively.

If the family member of of the applicant is not making their application the same time the fee will be higher. The costs for the dependents of the applicant will be £850 if the person is applying in person inside the UK and £550 if the application is made by posts while outside applications will costs £250. It is advisable that applicants check the Border Agency online as fees are subject to change and updates are always made to visas categories.