The Racists don’t want you here in the UK !!!

This is an email I received just a few minutes ago from a Racist just see how they twist everything ….

——The Email —–

Now James! you really need to put more thought into your replies if your life is to have any sort of meaning.
I cannot understand why any true Englishman would want to spend time helping immigrants when studies have shown that even the ones which are here legally only contribute the equivalent value of one Mars bar per month. Both the legal and illegal immigrants have had a devastating effect on all aspects of life in the U.K. The small contribution that the few make is greatly outweighed by the pressures caused to the very fabric of Britishness that  Liberal Fascists like you  say they are part of. Immigrants were supposed to ‘Integrate’ into British society but very few ever do choosing instead to polarise and tribalise ,hence the re-branding of the process which is now called ‘Multi-culturalism’ Wake up and smell the coffee and help the rest of the true English folk to curtail mass migration and stamp out illegal immigration.
Housing, Education, Health Service etc, etc, are all suffering as a direct result of mass immigration.
In our Capital there are only around 20% of citizens living there that are English folk whilst many other cities and towns have a greater percentage population of immigrants than English or true British folk, how bloody sad is that.
T.B. was effectively wiped out in this country by the 1980’s. Due to the  huge influx of Asians, since then, we
now have T.B.wards full once again, on top of this from Africa we have been given the wonderful gift of Aids.
So James it can be seen that you are personally helping to destroy the fabric of the country which gave you all the freedoms which you are now using against it.
You say ‘Get a life’ and my reply is ‘Stop helping to destroy the one I had’.
Your work can only be seen as a Judas goat that has turned double agent.
Give real meaning to your life by joining the masses of us who want our country back and vote UKIP in the next election.