The salary of unlawful immigrants could be confiscated by British police

A new initiative has been made public by David Cameron the British Prime Minister to get unlawful immigration controlled, and it comprises having the wages of workers who are not documented confiscated and the review of bank accounts for anyone under the suspicion of being in the United Kingdom unlawfully.

Cameron stated that illegal workers in Britain are going to have their emoluments confiscated through new legislations. This is coming at the same time that ONS (Office for National Statistics) made a revelation that in the past year net migration increased by over fifty percent.

The net migration in the long-term in the United Kingdom which is the quantity of persons coming into the country minus the quantity that are leaving was approximated in 2014 to be about 318,000, which on record is the figure that is the second highest. The ONS stated that this increase was significant statistically from the 2013 figure of 209,000, and just lower than the former peak level in the year ending June 2005 of 320,000.

The statistics revealed that in 2014 641,000 immigrants arrived in the United Kingdom, which was higher by over 100,000 from the 2013 figure of 526,000. Cameron who vowed early in his premiership to bring down net migration stated that a free hand was now possessed by the Tories to have it addressed without their previous partners in coalitions. He stated that a system which was faster, fairer, and tougher was going to be delivered by the new administration.

He stated that actually, during the last administration, the Home Secretary had desired to control immigration, just as he also was enthusiastic about getting immigration controlled, however most times when they went to the Department for Business they received a response which was not too welcoming. He stated further that right now in every single department they had a team of ministers who were focused and resolute in having this agenda accomplished, whether they were in the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), or the Education Department, or the Health Department, or in the Home Office, or wherever. He further stated at the Home Office that new legislations were going to make Britain a place that was going to be less attractive to come and be employed unlawfully.

Councils were going to be provided with authority to have migrants who are unlawfully in the country speedily evicted.

Also banks and other financial institutions are going to be mandated to review accounts in comparison to databases of illegal migrants while commercial ventures and employment firms are going to be barred from engaging in recruitments abroad without publicizing them in the United Kingdom.