The Top Ten Myths About The Life In The UK Test



The Top Ten Myths About The Life In The UK Test


Myth #1:  There are companies who can guarantee that you will pass the test if you pay them a fee.

Truth:  This is absolutely false.  There have been several high profile arrests over the last few years of criminals who tricked immigrants by charging them thousands of pounds, and promising a passing grade in return.  Do not do business with anyone who guarantees a passing grade!  This is illegal and could cost you a lot of money.

Myth #2: Preparing for the test is expensive.

Truth:  The only two things you need to pass the test can be had for FREE!!!  they are:


Myth #3: It doesn’t matter which edition of the Life in the UK book you use to study.

Truth:  You must use the 3rd edition of the Life in the UK: A Guide for New Residents study guide.  The tests have been changed so that the 3rd edition is the only accurate guide to taking the test.  Do not use older versions.


Myth #4:  It takes a long time to receive the results of the exam.

Truth: You will receive your exam results on the same day that you take the test.  If you fail the exam you may register to take it again in 7 days.


Myth #5:  If I fail the Life in the UK exam the first time, I can take it again for free..

Truth: The test costs ₤50 each time you take it.  If you fail the first time, you must pay an additional ₤50 to take it a second time.


Myth #6: Passing the Life in the UK exam automatically makes me a British citizen.

Truth:  Passing the exam is one step in obtaining citizenship.  It is not the only step, nor is it the last step.  Additionally those immigrants applying for permanent residency must take the test, even though they are not applying for citizenship.


Myth #7: Everyone who takes the Life in the UK exam is given the same questions.

Truth:  There are at least 30 sets of possible questions.  It is very rare that two exam takers will receive identical questions.


Myth #8: The Life in the UK test is offered in many languages. 

Truth: The Life in the UK test is also a measure of English language skills.  The test is normally offered in English only.  Special arrangements can be made to take the test in Welsh or in Scottish Gaelic.  These are the only exceptions to the English rule.


Myth #9:  I don’t have to keep my pass notification letter as I can always get another from the test center.

Truth:  This is incorrect!  If you pass the exam you will receive a pass notification letter which you must save.  If you lose your notification letter you can only receive another if you take the test again.


Myth #10: There are many questions on the Life in the UK test and it takes a very long time to complete.

Truth:  The test has 24 questions.  You must answer at least 18 correctly to pass the test.  There is a maximum of 45 minutes to complete the test.