Tier 1 Visas in the UK

In terms of evaluating visa applications to United Kingdom, the United Kingdom Borders Agency uses the Points-Based System. Under the Points-Based System, categories called Tiers are used to classify different types of applicants. Depending on the tier where an applicant falls under, there are several requirements that need to be met.

The first category is called Tier 1 and this is described as a category for high value individuals such as entrepreneurs, investors and the exceptionally talented. Changes have occurred over time in terms of the requirements in the Tier 1 category. The current requirements have been in effect since April 6, 2012.

Under the Tier 1 category, there are 6 sub-categories to clearly define the requirements for each.

Tier 1 (General): this category is already closed to those who wish to enter United Kingdom. This was for those high-skilled individuals.

Tier 1 (Investors): are for those individuals who are financially capable to make investments in United Kingdom.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs): are for those individuals who want to establish or even take over an existing business. Applicants can also come to United Kingdom as “prospective entrepreneurs”.

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur): a new sub-category added. This sub-category is for those who wish to establish a business entity right after graduation, yet they should be identified by universities in United Kingdom as highly entrepreneurial.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent): is for those individuals who are exceptionally talented in the following fields: science, humanities, engineering and arts.

Tier 1 (Post Study Work): this sub-category was removed in April 2012. This was originally for those who graduated from United Kingdom allowing them to work for 2 years.