Tier 4 Visas in the UK

Aside from employment, education is also another reason why there is a large number of migration applications to United Kingdom. Using the Points-Based System, student migrants fall under the Tier 4 category as designated by the United Kingdom Borders Agency.


Under Tier 4, there are different types of visas issued to students. There are two sub-categories under Tier 4.


Tier 4 (General) Student: student applicants age 16 and older fall under this category. Points under Appendix A are awarded to students who wish to enter United Kingdom based on the “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies” which is being issued by the educational institution sponsoring the studies of the said applicant. Aside from points in Appendix A, applicants also have to score points on Appendix B and Appendix C. Under Appendix B, applicants must have the English proficiency level of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference if wish they wish to study at a degree level or above. For those who wish to study at a below degree level, their proficiency must be at level B1.


Other notes:


Applicants in the Tier 4 (General) Student category are issued entry clearance for the duration of their education. It has a flexible period of additional leave for the period prior to the course. This clearance is available to students who wish to apply for further leave to remain. However with the changes that took effect on April 6, 2012, the maximum amount of time a student may spend in terms of year of studying at degree level is now at a fixed time period of 5 years.


Tier 4 (Child) Student: children age 4 to 16 years who are about to study in United Kingdom at a school where guardians will pay fall under this category. Students age 16 and below are granted to stay up to 6 years or the duration of their studies. In the points system, applicants under this category are automatically awarded 30 points once they can present Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. If the student is to be under the care of a foster or a relative in United Kingdom, the child’s guardians’ must meet the requirements listed in the UKBA’s guidance.


For family members:

Only family members of Tier 4 (General) Students can join them in United Kingdom if they are studying at a postgraduate level that would last longer than 12 months.

If applicants are sponsored by their government, family members can also join them as long as the course would last for at least 6 months.

These new rules had taken effect over new applicants on July 4, 2011.

Under the Statement of Changes HC 1888, there are new and stricter provisions. If the applicant that was granted leave to enter or to remain for Tier 4 (General) Student did not turn up, then that said person must be curtailed.

To get more details about the application process for students, please visit United Kingdom Border’s Agency.