Top 3 reasons Why People Fail the “Life in the UK Test” Repeatedly?

According to a BBC report, one in three immigrants fail the test !!!

Most importantly Failing the test does not mean you get deported or removed from the country, you can still remain in the United Kingdom until your Leave to Remain expires. There are so many options and ways to PASS the life in the UK test. If you have failed the test repeatedly and your leave to remain is running out, please get in touch with us by using the contact form on our site at so that we can give you prioritized URGENT help !

So what are the main reasons for failing this Test ?

1. Not knowing the format of the exam or what is required
Life in the UK Test is a computer based test required for permanent residency or to obtain British citizenship. Its objective is to measure the applicant’s knowledge of life in the UK and the English language. The candidate is given 45 minutes to finish the test. The pass mark  is 75%. There are 24 multiple choice  questions. Answer 18 questions correctly to pass, so you can ONLY afford to get 6 question incorrect !. Each attempt at the test costs £50.
The test can be taken repeatedly  (there is a waiting period of 7 days between tests) but the fee £50 has to be paid each time the test is taken. In this test, your grammar etc is not tested, so when you prepare, don’t waste time on things which are not tested!

2. Lack of through preparation
walking into the test without proper preparation is a sure way to FAIL !
Each candidate is provided with a unique set of questions selected randomly from a large base of questions. So you will NOT get the same questions that some else got!. Our free practice questions at cover most of the possible questions that can be asked.

3. Lack of practice (Knowing the facts but failing)
You might know all the facts, but if you don’t know how to answer questions which test your knowledge of facts in several ways, you will struggle to pass!. Practice answering as many questions as possible so that you are fully prepared and familiar with the test format and the way the questions are framed. You need to become skilled at choosing the correct answer from a number of similar looking answers so that you avoid “Silly mistakes” !

There are several tips provided by those who passed to help you PASS.

1. Cover all possible questions that can be asked, Our free practice questions at cover most of the possible questions that can be asked.
2. make sure you understand and memorise all the facts in the official guide book, our smart study chapter summary at  we have summarised them so that you can study in less time .
3. Take the time to read and understand the questions. For each question you get about 2 minutes (108 seconds), so take your time to read the question and the answers. If you are unsure about the question, then move on to the next, first answer the easiest questions then go back to the more difficult ones.

4. If you failed, then Read your notification letter from the test centre to findout which questions you answered incorrectly. Then use that information to fillup the gaps in your knowledge
5. Don’t listen to people who failed the test, especially when they say that this is the most difficult test in the world ! We have helped 1000s of people PASS !­

If you follow our tried and tested advice, you will feel confident and well prepared on the  official test day!­

If you are struggling to get started please read the below to see how you can study for ONLY 5 minutes a day !!!