Tory MPs Revolt Against Immigration Changes

I guess no one told the Tory Party that a house divided is a house that falls. Tory MPs have formed a committee to urge the Party to end its obsession with immigration controls. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, essentially faces mutiny if he does not comply with their request. The call for abandoning changes is not in the least bit surprising. What with the Home Seretary Theresa May’s constant controversies and the Minister of State for Immigrations James Brokenshire’s damningly idiotic speech, the Home Ministry seems to be a constant sore in the Tory Party’s administration.

Considering the absolutely callous and thoughtless laws that the Home Secretary has enacted or tried to enact since coming into power, this is not at all unreasonable. The Tory MPs reckon that this continuous barrage against immigration policies is occurring due to the party’s competitiveness with the United Kingdom Independence Party. Having promised a cut down in illegal immigration into the United Kingdom during their campaign, the Tory Party is now trying hard to keep that promise by making absolutely ludicrous changes to the immigration laws in a bid to ‘check illegal immigration’. Unfortunately for them, all that their policies are doing is to expose the absolute stupidity of the Home Ministry.

The changes in the policies are very damaging to the economic recovery of the United Kingdom. For a party that stands for, strongly believes in and has historically promoted economic liberalization, this goes against their very being. Many senior MPs have conveyed their displeasure about this to Prime Minister David Cameron. A few of the very ludicrous schemes implemented by the Party include their almost racist “Illegal Immigrants Go Home Vans”, their highly unfair restrictions on foreign students, very troubling NHS debt rules and, the most troubling of all, the amendment to the immigrations bill to empower the Home Secretary Theresa May to strip a British citizen of their citizenship even if it renders them stateless.

From an ethical standpoint, these changes are atrocious and cannot be justified as ‘sweeping reforms to benefit the United Kingdom’. This revolt by the Tory MPs may finally help soften the Prime Minister’s stance on immigration. As of now, due to the extreme sway of public favour towards the United Kingdom Independence Party, the Conservative Party is constantly toughening the immigration laws and ensuring that the changes hog the limelight in a near pathetic bid to impress voters for the coming elections.

The Tory MPs have expressly condemned these actions. They have stated that the changes have created a lot of problems instead of solutions. Not only has their irrational nature and poor execution created a public relations nightmare, they have caused great damage to the United Kingdom’s developmental goals. The laws have served to dissuade the best entrepreneurs and academics from entering the United Kingdom. This has naturally impeded the development of both the industry and economy alike. The countries from which highly talented immigrants are least likely to enter Britain are India and China.