UK is cutting down family related visa visits

There has been alarming decline in family related visa grants to United Kingdom over the years. This discouraging report was published at the website where the data came from Home Office administrative sources. The data gathered in this report covered the statistical changes in terms in the number of visa grants from April to June 2013.

The number of family related visas issued in the year ending June 2013 was 34,201. This figure was 24% lower compare to last year’s date.

The main reason why there has been a decrease in the number of family related visa issue is the new regulation for non European Union immigrants. The changes were introduced by Secretary Theresa May. The new immigration rules requirement became more stringent. To meet the requirements, British citizens must have an income of 18,000 pounds before the visa can be applied for and the applicant must be in the probationary period of 5 years before permanent residency is granted.

In line with the changes as of 07/26/2013, the Home Office filed an appeal against the 5 July High Court judgment. The purpose of this appeal is to challenge the minimum income threshold for spouses or partners and children applying for family related visas. This appeal currently causes decisions in some spouse or partner and child settlement visa on hold. This also caused the applications to remain until the case is determined by the Courts.

The website, provides detailed information in terms of the application process for family related visas. It is important to note the requirements on each section of visa application such as “family members of British citizens and settled persons”, “family members of migrant workers and students”, “reuniting asylum seekers with their families”, “marriage and civil partnership”, “forced marriage”, “domestic violence” and “when the relationship ends”.

The new rules in granting visas to non EU immigrants have already caused a lot of emotional damages. Families have already been torn apart because of the requirements that are quite impossible to meet. For the meantime that the court’s decision is not yet final, applicants must thoroughly gauge the risk. Lives are already at stake here especially the children’s welfare.