UK leads when it comes to migrant nationalities

Britain approved the requests of 193,900 foreign applicants in the year 2012. This was higher than all other nations in the EU

Britain issued citizenships to much more migrants in 2012 than any other nation in the EU. This is based on the data revealed recently. From the data that was shown by Brussels 193,900 persons were given passports of the UK in one year. This is about a quarter of the number given in all the other member states of the EU.
Many of those passports were issued to Indians about 15%, then Pakistanians 10%, Nigerians 5% and Philippians 4%.
About 75 % of the over 810,000 new nationalities in the EU were given in only six countries. This is according to the EU statistical office, Eurostat. Britain was the highest on the list with 24%, next was Germany with 14%, France with 12%, Spain with 12%, Italy with 8% and Sweden with 6%. In terms of new nationals in comparisms to populations, the highest rate was held by Luxembourg which has 9% per 1,000 citizens.
The director of migration Observatory at Oxford University Carlos Vargas-Silva spoke with the Times and told them that the United Kingdom was the best when it had to do with people obtaining nationality in the EU, and that the single reason why this was occurring had to do with the Commonwealth. In his view, there is migration from countries in the Commonwealth into the United Kingdom because they come to meet well instituted families and networks. Therefore, they would naturally want to get their British citizenships as well.
When it comes to ages, the average age of citizens of the European Union is 31 years. Over 30% of them are less than 25 years of age.
Recently, while speaking a spokesman of the Home Office had stated that the nationality of the British was not a right but was only a privilege. As a result, the British government has an expectation that anybody who so desires to relocate and settle in the United Kingdom should be able and willing to show that they are capable of being integrated into their society. He went further to state how much harder it is that the British government had made the obtaining of citizenship, where each and every prospective citizenship applicant is mandated to sit for and pass the two recently revised test assessment on Life in the United Kingdom, in addition to possessing the required speaking and listening ability in English Language.
The large numbers of applicants that was observed in the year 2012 had been mainly as a result of the unmonitored immigration levels in the years that led up to 2010. In the opinion of the Home Office spokesperson, the British government is presently bringing down the number and coordinating immigration. Britain was also now erecting a system of immigration that is just to British nationals and migrants who come through legitimate means. However, the system that is being erected for immigration is going to be hard on individuals who choose to abuse it or break the laws on immigration.