UK Peers Reject Government Citizenship Powers

The government is constructed to govern a community or a state by properly handling human activity. Its main goal is the organization of its governed state as well as the promotion of its growth and development. However, there are instances wherein the government abuses its power to gain extensive benefits for itself. In such circumstances, the governed people will be negatively affected and should undertake actions for their welfare. All of these cases are observed from the recent explosive event in the United Kingdom.

The ministers of the United Kingdom are lost to the peers or lords over plans to allow the removal of citizenship to terror suspects even if they are left stateless. The peers’ votes dominated with 242 over that of the ministers’ with 180 as the peers rejected the planned changes to the immigration laws.

The government’s paramount objective for the amendment is to strip of the citizenship of an indigenous Briton who commits serious crimes that can harm the country or hinder its progress. However, the peers disagree of this objective since they believe that when such amendment is carried out, dictatorship and tyranny will dominate the government. As a result, the peers will be took advantage of. The ministers were expecting the immigration bill to become a law before the end of the parliamentary session next month. However, the peers considered more changes to this Bill causing the defeat. Consequently, the members of the parliament will have to decide whether to reinsert or reconsider the provision the next time they consider the bill.

What the peers see in this amendment is that it is merely a weapon being developed by the government. According to lord Pannick, the leader of the opposition, numerous dictators around the world make use of statelessness as a weapon against opponents. He also added that such conduct is extremely unacceptable. As compensation, the peers suggested to the parliamentary committee the careful scrutiny of the current laws related to their protection.

In response, Minister Taylor said that the decision to remove the citizenship of someone even if he or she is left stateless will not be taken lightly and would only be used on selected targets. He stated that there are some individuals who choose to become British but would later threaten the welfare of Britons through terrorizing their security, undermining their laws and values, and fighting against their armed forces. He also added that it would be very obstructive when people receiving their protection are the ones who insinuatingly attack them. As a result, he offered a number of stands to the critics of the planned immigration laws and said that independent reviewers will oversee the amended laws after a year of its amendment.

This defeat of the government is the second that it suffered last Monday, after the lords and peers pushed the designation of guardians to help the trafficked children. Ultimately, the peers of the United Kingdom are fighting for their rights and perspectives, an act of bravery and promotion of equality.