UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The CoupleĀ  (UK visa applicants arrested) arrested in Sri Lanka face 10 year UK ban and prosecution for deception


A married Sri Lankan couple face a 10 year ban from UK travel and possible prosecution after being arrested in the UK for submitting tampered Visa documents, which were unearthed by highly trained officers specialising in forgery during checks over the submitted documents.

The couple had concealed past rejections by the UK on their Visas, and actively denied the events even taking place when questioned.
Hiding previous rejections is considered ‘deception’ by the UK border agencies, and is generally thought of reason to be distrustful and reject Visa applications.
Stricter policies may be due to terror threats within the UK and a rising concern that suspicious behaviour may incline more sinister circumstances which would require immediate rejection of the Visa and a thorough investigation.

UK visa applicants arrested for fraud

The UK has handed over responsibility the the Sri Lankan Frauds Investigation Bureau, where the couple will likely be further interrogated and may face imprisonment of a hefty fine, which would set back further plans of immigration for some time.
UK Visas and Immigrations Operations Managers said: “We will not tolerate the abuse of the UK’s immigration rules” He stated that submitting false documents of deception in general would be ‘strongly’ advised against.

This comes during increasing pressure from some parts of the government to tighten immigration policies and regulations, essentially narrowing the acceptable reasons for entering the UK.

This pressure is generally seen as a response to cases in which a national would immigrate to the UK and take part in illegal activities. Controversially, this illegal activity between a tiny percentage of immigrants has changed the way the UK looks at immigration.
Cooperation between the UK and Sri Lankan governments that include transparent sharing of offences including Sri Lankan nationals may result in the two facing heavy prosecution when they arrive home.

Among other offences, they were arrested for ‘tampering’ and ‘deception’.
The UK sees this as a security threat to it’s nations and as a result, treats each case very seriously.
The United Kingdoms have very strict immigration polices which can present significant difficulty for non E.U members who want to find work within the country.
All recorded offences will stay on record permanently, making it more and more of a challenge for previous offenders to enter. While usually, one would be able to apply again in 28 days, the couple will be unable to consider reapplication for a decade.
Applying for a Visa, one must be entirely truthful in order to have the best chance of acceptance, presenting a clear, transparent case that can withstand scrutiny due to genuine intentions.

Lying to the Border Agencies is generally considered one of the worst things to do if attempting to enter said country. The for the best chance:
Use clear documentation which is not blurred, marked or has any compromising features.
In many parts of Asia, the refusal rate can be between 30-50%

Reasons for rejection can be such as:
No valid reason for application
– Applying for ‘holiday’ with no background with other trips – Lack of confidence in funds
– Not knowing where you will stay
– Lack of knowledge of terms