An official of the UN has criticized Britain’s worries over uncoordinated immigration before a “fact finding” operation to Italy and stated that its components were “bulls**t”. In a discussion with The independent newspaper, the special rapporteur for rights of migrants Francois Crepeau stated that it was not proper if UKIP was influencing the policy or forming a portion of the government.

uncoordinated immigration

Lampedusa the Italian island has been the destination of several migrants from the Middle East and Africa who are usually stuffed in vessels that are not seaworthy, usually operated by people traffickers and Mafia groups.
They rush there as the nearest portion of the European Union and, reports which have been gotten from migrants by Breitbart London in Calais suggest that a lot of them are informed by officials from Italy that they can actually move to anywhere they desire in the continent.

The Home Office was criticized by M. Crepeau for sending only one staff to participate in a search and rescue operation coordinated by Europe as a prevention against deaths that were occurring in the Mediterranean, in spite of the fact that the Schengen Area does not comprise the UK, and continues to facilitate illegal and legal immigration through the internal borders that have been removed from the countries in the area.

A law of patrolling and watching over the waterways that are between Southern Europe and Africa has been in existence for a while. The aim is to pick up migrants and those seeking asylum on a route known as Mare Nostrum which is as a result of an accident which killed 366 immigrants in a fire outbreak on a fishing boat that was being used to transport them.

However, the British government views these missions as an encouragement for illegal migration and that stopping them serve only as a determent to the migrants. A replacement of the mission has been made using a patrol instead which costs only 33 percent of the rescue and search watch which would be coordinated by Frontex an agency of the EU.

The official stated that legislators should forget about any immigration myths and face the public who continue to show that they want government to adopt an approach that is tougher.

And he stated that by discontinuing the missions for search and rescue, the government of the UK was allowing the migrants to die. He had stated that if migrants were not sought for and rescue, the next occurrence would be their deaths.
He continued by stating that people were still fantasizing about a core culture of the British which came into being about 2,000 years ago and has continued to this day, and was presently under threat by some so-called barbarians who are fast-approaching their gates.

After worrying for years over the ignorance by politicians of immigration, and its being tagged ‘racist’, the Canadian equally insulted the people of Britain by stating it all was complete bulls**t.

He added that this was just why he thought that there was a problem with conversations on politics which could not be had.
He appeared to extol Tony Blair by stating that he had instituted in Britain a society that was open, diverse, and multicultural (even though his argument is defeated by the fact that this occurred in 2004 long before the EU’s enlargement to Eastern Europe) when “Cool Britannia” was being talked about by people.
He stated that it was not going to be cool if UKIP ruled Britannia, or with policies that were UKIP-type.

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader condemned his outburst and stated that it was “utter baloney” that the Canadian was talking about.

He stated that in 2013 more people arrived in Britain than those that came from year 1066 to 1950. He went on to state that M. Crepeau was actually not resident in the real world and that in the entire Europe, Britain is the most relaxed country on immigration, but could not continue with such data.

Dominic Raab a Tory MP stated that there was prejudice in the official’s view, because it was offensive bigotry for him to claim that the British viewed immigrants to be barbarians due to their present grip on a cultural fantasy that was 2,000 years old.
He added that Monsieur Crepeau was acting as an ape with a prejudice that he is supposed to be in a fight with.
A UKIP MEP David Coburn stated that M. Crepeau had no knowledge of their country and as a result he could not make a decision on their feelings.