Is this the way a British Prime minster should behave???

Civil rights organisations have openly criticised the Prime Minister, David Cameron for posing for a camera during an intense raid lead by immigration officers. The house was suspected of harbouring illegal immigrants, with the raid carried out as a displacement exercise to capture the suspects where they were supposedly living.

The PM followed officers who were taking part in a raid in a Slough house. Investigations had led to suggest it was harbouring four men from Albania, all of which were inhabiting the house illegally due to the lack of any kind of active Visa.

The immigration officers went in first, clearing the men from the building and sweeping to guarantee that the PM was safe. Alongside the Home Secretary, Teresa May, he took the photo opportunity and they posed for some photos. The pair then proceeded to take press interviews on the changing face of the UK immigration system, with further alterations announced that very day.

During one of these interviews, the Prime Minister that they were “making a series of changes which say to people (immigrants), if you come here illegally, we will make it harder for you to have a home, to get a car, to have a job, to get a bank account and when we will find you, we will send you back to the country you came from”.

Mr Cameron’s actions have come under fire from opposition party members, such as Labour MP, Tom Watson, who stated that the fact that the PM was present,  and the way he acted was:
“Improper for Cameron to be engaging in a PR stunt over alleged illegal immigration before people involved in the raid have been to trial or tribunal”.

He went on to state that the “Media circus” that the PM had led to the home would make due process much more difficult, which is unfair as it compromises the stability and bias that will undoubtedly hang over the cases.

The actions are widely seen as him trying to attract lost voters who have defected to UKIP (United Kingdoms Independence Party). However, the result seems to be that instead of sticking to his own polices, he is attempting to show a growing distain for immigrants, which has been perceived as extremely hostile in some cases.

Although the publicity stunt may have gained the PM and therefore the Tory party votes from the right wing, it is likely that at the same time, he has managed to alienate many minority groups with his apparent newfound views on tough immigration and different priorities to those that he started with when he was voted in for his first election.

However, the criticism from free worker groups and other organisations is what seems to be dominating popular opinion as the situation unravels, but as always, this may be subject to change as he chooses whether to defend his actions or sit in silence and attempt to avoid the issue and whatever confrontation may ensue from him reacting to the comments.