Welcome to Chinese Visitors

Back in December 2013, Secretary of State Maria Miller (who claimed more than £90,000 for a second home where her parents lived in South London!) announced United Kingdom’s new campaign called VisitBritain which is said to begin this 2014. This announcement was made when David Cameron visited China for 3 days. The goal of the VisitBritain campaign is to attract more Chinese businessmen and tourist to visit United Kingdom.

The said campaign will be launched in Spring 2014 with the support of United Kingdom’s largest business entities like Virgin Atlantic, Marketing Manchester, Marketing Birmingham, Hilton Worldwide, Gretna Green, Celtic Manor in Wales, the John Lewis partnership, Bicester Village, Harrods and The Roman Baths in Bath. The campaign aims to make United Kingdom as the most preferred European destination by the Chinese tourists. As part of campaign, companies have already created advertisements through printed brochures information about their products and services in Mandarin. The VisitBritain campaign also encourages companies and tourism related industries to train their employees to speak Mandarin to make it easier for them to interact and build relationships with Chinese tourists and potential business partners. In alignment to the language aspect of this campaign, companies’ websites can be revamped so that contents will be translated to Mandarin.

The VisitBritain campaign stems from the news about the 800 million-pound investment made by a Chinese company in the Manchester airport. This investment in turn will create 16,000 jobs that will highly encourage Chinese business investors and tourists.

Two of the biggest supporters of this campaign, CAISSA and the Birmingham airport are working to bring more Chinese tourist through Birmingham airport. To entice Chinese visitors, they will create new, vacation packages that highlight Birmingham as the birthplace of the literary genius William Shakespeare.

China’s economy continues to boom. Chinese consumers are now more open and receptive to Western products thus opening a whole new different market in terms of retail. Chinese businessmen have also invested in other countries. Aside from boosting United Kingdom’s tourism appeal, the VisitBritain campaign aims to bring in more investments to the country from Chinese businessmen.

Other countries like Australia have also launched similar campaign to attract Chinese tourists and business investors to their countries. China has now become a formidable economic force. United Kingdom ensures that through the VisitBritain campaign, the country has a lot to offer, tourism and business wise.