What can prevent you from Being Naturalised as a British Citizen

We all dream of migrating to a great place where there are greener pastures, or perhaps opportunities to be acquainted with relatives, friends and family who are already living there.

A part of what ensures a long-term stay in a given country is the act of naturalisation. This means that British citizenship is legally assumed by someone who has and continues to have citizenship from a foreign country.

Some countries may comprise 12 requirements for naturalisation and studies have shown that British citizenship law has adopted some of these requirements.

Here are some of the conditions that may prevent you from being naturalised in the UK:


You have to have accrued a five-year term of residence in the UK as one of the requirements for naturalisation. This means that should you decide to live in Britain, you have to commit to it and you cannot afford to be fickle minded in this endeavour. You have to condition yourself properly before you take the leap, and it would be a waste to go so far only to back out because you cannot take it anymore. Make sure that you have the psychological and emotional readiness before you decide to embrace migration to Britain.

*Lack of good moral character

As with any endeavour, it is important to conduct yourself with integrity. You cannot afford to get involved in any legal or social problems because these will reflect on your record. As early as now, it is important that you conduct yourself wisely and be at peace with everyone around you. Remember, all your actions have consequences, and if, during the cross-examination of your records, something incriminating is found, your chances of naturalisation will greatly be decreased. This is important as well, because the way you carry yourself morally in your current residence is a harbinger of your behavior towards your fellow UK citizens – once and IF you get the chance to reside in Britain.

*Insufficient knowledge of English

You have to be sure your English skills are polished and you have to be able to speak and write in a manner that is acceptable to UK citizens. You need to pass the Life in the UK Test, and the caliber of your vocabulary should be at least ESOL Level 3. Communication is very important as it is what will help you get through and live fully once you are a resident of Britain.

Other hindrances that can prevent your naturalisation include:

*not being prompt in replying to inquiries from the UK Border Agency
*incomplete applications

There you have it. You need to be sure each and every one of the essentials is good to go before you apply for British citizenship and you have to be properly conditioned before you go to the UK in the first place so that you can comply with their residency requirements. And finally, it is much better if you are someone who can adjust easily. Otherwise, you can kiss your dreams of living as a UK citizen – goodbye.