You Can Do This!

By now you have probably seen the training guide Life in the UK – A Guide For Residents, 3rd edition.  Maybe you saw it in a bookstore, or perhaps a friend who is also studying for the test has shown you their copy.  You may have noticed that it is quite large and that there is a lot of information inside.  It is also possible that you have not seen the book, but have read stories online about how difficult the test is.  We have some reassuring information for you:

Just like any other test This test is not difficult, if you prepare for it !

Throughout your life you have accomplished many difficult things.  For example, when you were a small child, you did not know how to walk.  It took a lot of effort, and much practice, but you can now walk without thinking about the mechanics of balancing from one foot to the other.  In a similar way, there was a time when you did not know how to read.  Through practice and study, you have gained the skills you need to read this page.

Passing the Immigration test is easier than both of these.  It will take work and perseverance, but it does not involve unusual talent or skills.  To begin, take stock of the resources you have available to help you.

–          The first and most important resource is the training manual itself.  You must have the 3rd edition.  The test changed significantly this year, and the 3rd edition is the only manual you should use.

–          The website is a resource that will help you immensely.  It has training guides, practice tests, and practical advice from those who have taken and passed the test.

–          The links to individual chapter summaries are at the link:  These summaries enhance your learning exprience, by highlighting the information that you should pay special attention to.  The summaries and the training guide together are a powerful tool that you have at your disposal.

–          Finally, at the link you will find practice tests so that you can test your newfound knowledge to see what areas you have mastered, and which may need more work.

The trick to passing the test is skill and perseverance.  You must commit to studying on a regular basis.  Preparations should begin at least a month in advance, NOT the night before the test!  If you put the work into studying, and use the summaries and practice tests mentioned above, you will most certainly be successful. Above all the MOST important thing is to get started NOW !